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I am a certified Life Coach & Family Advisor, specialised in Positive Discipline.

I studied « Applied foreign languages specialised in international trade and business » in France and I hold three Master degrees in European studies. For 7 years I worked in the European Commission in Brussels and in 2009 I came across the amazing and challenging world of “Life Coach” and committed to it.

In 2011 I got my certification as Life Coach with focus on “School Coaching” and later in “Positive Discipline” and I received my third certification on this subject in 2012.

My motivation was to offer to the families I was involved with the most effective support to improve their daily lives. This vision grew stronger each day and urges me to a continuous training process in foundations in Belgium and other European institutions. Since 2011 I organize sessions and trainings in French speaking schools in Belgium for the mandatory educational programs, for teachers and professors.

I am dedicated to my profession. I love what I do and I learn so much from it every day. I try to enrich my field of expertise and get all the necessary skills to become not only a good professional but most of also to become a better mom. Being a mom is one of the most important roles of my life. Raising and educating a child is a unique experience and a challenging task. In order to succeed in this important role there are tools, behavioural models and theories that can help us to decode a child’s behaviour so our reaction/attitude towards our kid to be appropriate, effective, targeted and at the same time, kind and compassionate. There are guidelines that will help us to promote the stability and respect our child needs.

I would be very happy to assist and support you during this process. If you find it hard and difficult to understand or handle your kid’s actions and attitude, (for example jealousy, anger, nagging, if you wish to learn “smart” and practical tools, methods or rules, some daily routine motives in order to improve your relationship and establish productive and effective communication with your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am reachable via sms on +32 499 341 279 or email at


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